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Our Mission Statement

The Greystone Organization is a highly motivated team of individuals which has assembled a diverse business and real estate portfolio and which will continue to grow and expand upon this solid and established base of enterprises.

The Greystone Organizationís current investment portfolio includes: quality multi-unit student housing projects; a long established (22+ years) and award winning commercial and high end residential masonry business; a wholesale masonry supply company specializing in natural stone; a fully leased class "A" office building; office/warehouse space; commercial real estate; and a cutting edge mobile advertising business.

The Greystone Organization will continue to aggressively pursue undervalued and underutilized assets consistent with The Greystone Organizationís current portfolio mix and will further seek out and acquire traditional multi-family housing, shopping centers, specialty commercial real estate and specialty construction and construction-related companies.

The Greystone Organization will establish and cultivate private investor relationships with the overall business objective of achieving superior profitability and returns based upon solid risk-reward analysis. The essential underlying foundations upon which these relationships will be created, fostered and nurtured will be those of honesty, hard work, transparency and, of paramount importance, accountability.

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